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The Premise
It is September 1, seventeen years after Sephiroth's defeat at the hands of Cloud Strife and his friends. Meteor has been destroyed, and the unpredictable race known as humanity has been allowed to survive. The world has lived in relative peace since then. 

Midgar, greatly damaged during Meteor's fall, has been renovated. The Shinra building has been restored and converted into a museum. Mako energy has been abandoned as a power source, and replaced by others that are harmless to the Planet. Even some of the old Cetra practices and beliefs are beginning to revive. The heroes of the world have all gone their separate ways, settling back into everyday life. 

On this day, at the end of summer, Seth Drasil of Nibelheim is on a trip to Midgar with his mother. 

On this day, the wheels will be set into motion that will plunge Seth into circumstances beyond his control, and a battle more than seventeen years old. 

On this day, whether he is ready or not, Seth will become part of a legacy that reaches as deep as the very blood of the Planet.

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