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Thanks to...
  • Kupoke, Bean, Ex, and neko-chan for their help with brainstorming, and for putting up with me.
  • Bean again for the name of the town in chapter 5.
  • Square for making an RPG so friggin' inspirational.
  • Aloria, who wrote about the character Atziluth, a clone of Sephiroth. Seth would not be who he is today if I hadn't read this fic. Atziluth's character was a major influence on Seth's development. 
  • The sandman, for being consistently late to my house and allowing me to think of ideas like BotP in the middle of the night when I should be asleep.
  • Princess Artemis for the whole Cid = dragoon thing. 
And any others I have forgotten but will in time remember. ^_^

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